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In Need Of A Buffalo Grove Physical Therapist To Help Get Rid Of Your Back, Shoulder, Knee Or Neck Pain?

The Experienced Physical Therapist At Cadence Physical Therapy Clinic In Buffalo Grove Are Dedicated Wholeheartedly To Helping You Get Rid Of Your Pain Once & For All To Get Your Life Back

Are you searching for an experienced and trusted physical therapist in Buffalo Grove, IL, Long Grove, IL or in the nearby surrounding area to help get rid of your pain?


If yes, Cadence Physical Therapy is exactly what you need and your best choice with only the most experienced, industry-certified professionals that strive to find and deliver the customized treatment solution you need for your unique situation. Our Buffalo Grove Physical Therapy Clinic’s mission is to get rid of your pain and discomfort once and for all!


Here are just a few reasons why our Cadence Physical Therapy Clinic is your top choice to getting the specialized, customized treatment you need to end your pain and get your life back.


1.  At Cadence, You Get To Work With Physical Therapists Passionate About Providing The Highest Standard of Customized Treatment & Care You Need To Successfully End Your Pain And Get Your Life Back

At Cadence Physical Therapy, we have a downright skilled, fully licensed and friendly team of physical therapists, passionate about providing patients with the highest standard of treatment and care. As experts committed to earning patients’ trust, we never use assistants or aides (like most bigger clinics do) to perform a job that should be done by a licensed physical therapist only.


At Cadence Physical Therapy, we recognize that every case is unique, requiring 1-on-1 treatment from a experienced therapist. We will NEVER use a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, you’ll get a physical therapist who is beyond knowledgeable and experienced to help you in every step of the way, from initial evaluation to your final discharge visit, ensuring your treatment runs smoothly and successfully.


Before we even begin to provide treatment, we’ll perform a thorough comprehensive assessment, paying attention to every small detail, in order to correctly determine the root cause of your pain.


Then, once we know the root cause, we’ll develop a customized treatment plan specific to what you need to get rid of your pain and get your life back.


You can be at ease knowing your in good hands and our Buffalo Grove & Long Grove Orthopedic Physical Therapist will work right alongside with you, 1-on-1, to give you the attention and care needed to ensure your treatments runs successfully.


We don’t take any shortcuts here at Cadence Physical therapy, meaning we don’t "dovetail appointments" or do "group physical therapy sessions” (like ATI / Athletico or larger clinics do) or use any aides or assistants in place of experienced physical therapist.


When you come to Cadence Physical Therapy and receive your initial evaluation, we’ll be 100% transparent as to what your situation calls for to ensure successful treatment. And if we don’t sincerely believe we can help you to achieve your goals and get the treatment you need, we’ll tell you just that, and refer you to the right place that can help.


2.  Our Buffalo Grove Physical Therapist Clinic Specializes In Back, Knee, Shoulder & Neck Pain To Ensure You Get The Treatment You Need From Experienced, Award Winning Orthopedic Physical Therapists


Here at Cadence Physical Therapy Clinic, we specialize in back, knee, shoulder and neck pain. We aren’t a “jack of all trades” place that will tell you we can take care of your issue if we can’t. It’s especially important to go with a clinic that has the specialty in the area you need because in today’s age physical therapy is more complex than ever before, so a specialty clinic, like ours, is most definitely needed to ensure successful treatment .


Like mentioned, we specialize in back, knee, shoulder and neck pain. A vestibular clinic like ours may also handle TMJ cases. It’s important to be very cautious of those clinics that proclaim a long list of being able to solve everything you can think of and give generic, long lists of, “here’s what we do,” (which also shouts, “we’re about average at everything”).


It’s actually pretty alarming to think about clinics that claim to do it all. Seriously! Think about it, there’s different doctors for nearly every different body part, disease, etc. so they can really know the ins and outs and have the expertise to be able to provide the correct treatment needed. For instance, you don’t go to a primary care doctor for cancer treatment, instead, you go to an oncologist with a specialty in the area of the body that the cancer is in.


This is the same reason why it's important to go to a physical therapy clinic that specializes in the area you need. Which is also the reason we specialize in back, knee shoulder and neck pain - so that we can really truly and sincerely help patients with issues related to these areas so they get the specialized, experienced treatment they need to end their pain and get their life back.


3.  Our Buffalo Grove & Long Grove Physical Therapist Use State-of-the-Art Technologies To Help You Receive The Best Level of Care


To ensure all our patients receive the best level of care necessary for their recovery, we invest heavily in the most advanced technologies that improve accuracy in the diagnosis and also makes treating the pain faster.


From our leading-edge electrical stimulation and laser therapy to ultrasound and manual therapy, we have the resources needed to deliver the treatment you need. We are proud of the fact we’ve been able to help more than 1,000 patients suffering from different types of back, knee, shoulder and neck pain.


4.  We Offer Long Hours To Accommodate Your Busy Schedule & Even Offer Same Day Appointments


We know that you are a busy person with a busy schedule which is why we simply strive to fit into your schedule by offering extended hours during the week and we are also open on Saturdays.


Monday through Friday we are open 7AM to 7PM and on Saturday we are open from 7AM to 12PM. We also understand that you may need to see our pain specialists right away which is why we allow same day appointments.


Contact Our Buffalo Grove Physical Therapy Clinic Today For The Specialized Treatment & Care You Need To Get Your Life Back (We Accept Most Major Insurance Plans + New Patients Receive $25 Off On First Visit)


New patients - take advantage of our $25 savings discount, which is applicable on the first visit to our Buffalo Grove/Long Grove clinic. We accept major health insurance, and, in fact, we can help with the insurance claim process so that you receive maximum benefits. We also offer flexible payment options (be sure to ask about this if needed).


So if you’re looking for a reliable, physical therapist in the Buffalo Grove, Long Grove or surrounding area that has the experience and specialty you need to develop a customized treatment plan, unique to your specific situation to get rid of your pain and get your life back, contact our clinic today at at 847-378-4970 to book your appointment.


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