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Suffering From Shoulder And/Or Neck Pain That's Causing You Tremendous Discomfort? Cadence Physical Therapy Is Here To Help!

Here's Why Cadence Physical Therapy Is YOUR BEST Choice To Helping End Your Shoulder And Neck Pain Once And For All!


Are you constantly suffering from shoulder and neck pain but can’t seem to find a solution? You don’t need to put up with the pain and discomfort anymore, as Cadence Physical Therapy is here to help you. We strive to provide our patients with the most effective treatments options, which match their unique anatomy as well as injury needs for fast and effective recovery.  Well, check out the top 5 reasons why Cadence is the best solution to treat your shoulder and neck pain if you live in the Buffalo Grove, Vernon Hills or nearby surrounding area.


1. Our Patients Have Fewer Visits And Better Outcomes

One of our core values is to deliver better outcomes, which relieve you off the shoulder and neck pain in fewer visits. It’s for this reason that our pain treatment practices are backed by the leading edge technologies and products in the physical therapy industry, typically involving minimally invasive procedures.


With our advanced laser therapy, manual therapy, electrical stimulation, Dr. Ban’s topical gel, and ultrasound
technologies, we can accurately diagnose your pain condition and put an end to it with the least amount of trauma.


2. Over 1,000 Patients Successfully Treated

At Cadence, we’ve built an excellent reputation in Buffalo Grove, Vernon Hills and surrounding area for helping more than 1, 000 patients to recover from different types of pain, including back pain, knee pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and sciatica. We’ve been able to achieve these thanks to our fully qualified, state-licensed, friendly, and highly experienced team of physical therapists with a keen eye for detail.


Many of our PTs have more than 10 years of experience in assessing and recommending treatment options based on a patient’s condition and goals. We strictly don’t work along with PT assistants or aides, because we want you to improve the quality of your life and achieve complete recovery quickly and efficiently.


3. Same Day Appointments And One-On-One Treatment

Unlike most physical therapy clinics in Illinois that will delay in seeing you, we at Cadence Physical Therapy located in the Buffalo Grove area, we are always ready for patients that need to see a pain specialist immediately. We also believe in a personalized one-on-one treatment approach, with up to 45 minutes per session. This ensures that you receive a maximum value for your healthcare dollar, as well as effective treatment plans matching your unique pain needs.


What separates us from the crowd is, without a doubt, our approach that includes extended hours to fit into your busy schedules. In other words, we’ll never cause any inconveniences.


4. Offer Patients A $25 Initial Savings Certificate

Any patient that visits our Buffalo Grove office for the first time is encouraged to grab our $25 gift offer, whether they’re seeking a second opinion or simply want to ensure they’re healthy.  So book your appointment today to receive your $25 gift certificate!


5. Flexible Payment Options And Accept Most Insurances

With Cadence Physical Therapy, you don’t need to suffer anymore just because you’re afraid that you can’t afford the treatment for the shoulder and neck pain. Well, we pride ourselves in providing patients with flexible payments options on a case-by-case basis. And the great news is that, we accept most insurance covers. Better yet, we can work with your insurer to ensure you maximize your insurance benefits.


If you’re looking for physical therapists committed to delivering the highest standard of service and best results possible whilst offering the best value, then contact us at 847-378-4970 or via our online contact form. Our friendly customer support team is waiting to answer questions concerning your shoulder and neck pain , and then help you set up an initial appointment at our office in Buffalo Grove (which is also near Vernon Hills and surrounding areas).