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Here’s A Few Reasons Why Cadence Physical Therapy May Be Exactly What You Need To Heal Your Pain So You Live YOUR Life Pain Free!


Are you suffering from sciatica and having terrible pain that radiates from your lower back down the back of your leg? Sciatic nerve pain can range from a mild ache to a sharp, burning, excruciating sensation that no one ever should have to endure, but, unfortunately affects so many of us.


According to Harvard University, as many as 40% of people will encounter Sciatic nerve pain in their life and it becomes more frequent with age. Because sciatica is so common in today's world, and also so very unpleasant, it's important to get it treated as soon as possible. While there are many different sciatica pain treatment options available today, working with a certified physical therapist is highly recommended to treat sciatic nerve pain and can make all the difference.


Here at Cadence Physical Therapy, we have successfully helped thousands of patients in our Buffalo Grove, Lincolnshire clinic in treating sciatica as well as all different types of back pain including back spasms, bulging disc, herniated disc, lower back pain, upper back pain, and more. We make it our mission to help end your pain, so that you don’t have to be victim to it any longer and can live the life you deserve pain free.


Here’s just a couple reasons why our patients keep coming back to us for back pain relief as well as relief from a variety of other common conditions such as neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, and more:


1.  We Specialize In Back, Knee, Shoulder And Neck Pain And Employ The 1:1 Pioneer Treatment Model & Develop Treatment Plans Customized To What You Need In Your Unique Situation


We are committed to ensuring your treatment goes successfully, your healing is our top priority. This is why we specialize in back, knee, shoulder and neck pain only at our Lincolnshire, Buffalo Grove physical therapy clinic. We aren’t a “jack of all trades” type of clinic that will claim to be able to help you with whatever you so happen to need. Actually, be very cautious of these “jack of all trade” type of clinics that claim to do it all because physical therapy is more complex than ever before.


This is why we specialize in back, knee, shoulder and neck pain, so we know all the ins and outs of these areas and have the experience and in-depth knowledge to be able to provide you with the best treatment possible.  We employ the 1:1 pioneer model of care, in other words, you’ll get a 1-on-1 session with our experienced Lincolnshire, Buffalo Grove physical therapist that are committed wholeheartedly, to helping end your pain and avoid surgery at all costs.


We will never double, triple, or quadruple your allotted appointment time slot (like many other corporate clinics do, leaving you in the corner to do the exercises on your own where you may be even questioning if you’re doing it right, if what you’re doing is actually for your unique problem, etc).


You also won’t have to worry about be left to work with unqualified staff members such as aides or assistants comprising your level of care needed, nor will you have to worry about us "dovetailing your appointment," or leaving you in a confusing "group physical therapy session” (like many larger clinics such as Atletico do).


You can be at ease knowing you’ll be working alongside with only the best, most experienced, licensed physical therapists at Cadence Physical Therapy that will design you an individualized treatment plan based on your unique situation and what is needed for your treatment to go successfully and get rid of your pain.


You can be rest assured that you will get the 1-on 1 attention you need from our physical therapist committed to helping cure your pain. Our Buffalo Grove physical therapist work with you very indepthly so that you receive the best care possible until you’re discharged.


2. Experienced, Extremely Friendly, Physical Therapists Working Right Alongside With You, Committed To Doing What Is Needed To End Your Pain


At Cadence Physical Therapy, you’ll get only the most highly trained, experienced physical therapists that can provide treatment for all types of conditions (sciatica, back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, etc). You won’t have to worry about being left with any PT assistants, trainers, aides, or any other unlicensed staff that don’t have the expertise to treat your condition.


Our entire team has received advanced training and is fully qualified to provide accurate treatment plans and progress your exercise program to match your unique anatomy and injury needs.  Our patients experience a holistic and comprehensive approach to physical therapy, which correctly identifies the main cause of their pain before providing remedy.


We seek to fully know your situation so that we can cater a plan to what you need specifically, not some generic exercise program that won’t get the treatment needed done successfully to end your pain (and again, we’ll do everything possible to avoid surgery).


If after your initial evaluation, for any reason, we don’t feel that we can sincerely help you achieve your goals, we’ll refer you to the right place that can help you. So you don’t need to worry about wasting your money and time on something that wasn’t necessary in the first place.


Unlike many other chiropractors and practitioners, that will book you for numerous, pointless appointments regardless of what's in your best interest. At Cadence Physical Therapy, we have your best interest at hand 100% of the time and sincerely care and make your path to healing our top priority (even if that means we have to refer you to somewhere else).


We know you have a busy schedule which is why we have extended our hours and are open six days a week. We’re open to serve you Monday thru Friday 7AM to 7PM and on Saturday 7AM to 12PM.


3. We Use Advanced Modern Diagnosing & Treatment Technologies To Serve You In The Best Way


Our preferred physical therapy clinic in the Buffalo Grove area, is always on the lookout for the latest technologies that can help improve accuracy when diagnosing patients, and also providing relief from the pain faster.  We’re proud to have invested in state-of-the-art technologies such as laser therapy, electrical stimulation, ultrasound machines, and much more to serve you in the best possible way to treat your condition.


4. We Provide A Comfortable Environment Geared Around Maximizing Your Treatment Success


We understand that you need a welcoming and warm environment, where you don’t feel like one in a crowd, but instead, feel like you are getting the special treatment your situation calls for to end the suffering you’re going through.


And that's exactly what we strive to do with each and every single patient that walks into the doors of Cadence Physical Therapy Buffalo Grove Clinic, we strive to make you feel at ease, understand the treatment plan we develop for you, and give you the 1-1 personal attention you deserve and need to cure your pain.  We even offer same day appointments to treat you as soon as possible because we really do care.


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We welcome new patients to take advantage of our $25 savings discount, which is applicable on the first visit to our Buffalo Grove physical therapy clinic. We offer flexible payment options and accept major health insurance. In fact, we can help with the insurance claim process so that you receive maximum benefits.


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