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“How often should I come in for treatment?” Despite the fact that the answer appears to be common, it is actually the truth if a person wants to see meaningful results in a fair period of time. In most cases, three times a week is sufficient, especially during the first few weeks.

The likelihood of seeing improvements in pain levels, joint swelling, range of motion, strength, and general function increases for patients who begin physical therapy treatment early and maintain it on a continuous basis.

Physical therapy clinic equipment for exercise and physical therapist manual therapy interventions frequently and early in the rehab process allows tissues (muscles, tendons, bones, and other body parts) to rebuild more quickly, resulting in the intended positive outcomes.

Attending Physical Therapy Sessions: Why Consistent Attendance is Crucial to Your Recovery

  1. Making the Most of Mobility: Pain-free movement is crucial to living a high-quality life, regardless of your age, gender, degree of activity, or work. We all require pain-free movement.
  1. Pain Reduction: Even if mobility is not an issue, pain from cardiac or neurological conditions can have a negative influence on your overall quality of life. Physical therapists are skilled in pain education as well as hands-on approaches to help you lower your pain levels and return to your normal daily activities.
  1.  Avoid Surgical Procedures: Several studies and evidence show that early intervention from a physical therapist following a strain or sprain (most typically associated with sports or athletic events) can help delay or avoid the need for surgery altogether. 

Physical therapy may help you avoid surgery for:

  1. Physical Therapy Can Help Prevent and Treat Opioid Use Disorder: 

Addiction, long-term health problems, paralysis, and death are all major hazards connected with the use of opioid medications. It is possible to become addicted to prescription opioids even if you take them as recommended. In fact, one out of every four persons who are administered opioids will develop an addiction.

For long-lasting pain relief, physical therapy has been proven to be safe and effective — and it does so without the hazards associated with dangerous medications. Opioids are used to relieve pain by masking it rather than treating the underlying cause of it. Physical therapy not only aids in the relief of pain but also helps to address the real problem that is causing the pain to begin with.

Attending Physical Therapy

Here at Cadence Physical Therapy, our DPTs will design a "plan of care" during your initial session that is tailored to your specific needs. That plan of care will include how many times we believe you will need to come each week and for how long they believe you will need to come in order to achieve your goals. When you miss appointments or don't show up for treatment, you are merely increasing the amount of time it will take you to fully recover. When you fail to show up for appointments, you are merely prolonging your time in therapy–which very certainly implies lengthening the time spent in pain, with limited functional activities, and with a lower overall quality of life than you are accustomed to. Any queries or concerns about your plan of care should be addressed to your physical therapist; it is a team effort, and you are the most important part of that team!

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