Diabetes Management Program

Physical Therapy is not just about treating patients with traumatic injury and mobility issues. Over the years, the physical therapy profession has changed a lot and has continued to expand treatment areas, many of which are based on medical advances.

Cadence Physical Therapy has been helping people with diabetes avoid long-term complications. Diabetes can lead to several complications, including cardiovascular disease (CVD), stroke, peripheral arterial disease, nephropathy, neuropathy, retinopathy, lower-extremity amputation, and musculoskeletal impairments.

People with type II diabetes require intensive treatment to help them control their blood sugar levels. While medicine helps keep your blood sugar level as normal as possible, proper blood sugar control involves lifestyle adjustments, particularly food and exercise. Unfortunately, many people have developed medical issues that make exercise difficult by the time they are diagnosed with diabetes. Patients may likely have two or more comorbidities; they may have obesity issues, have started to develop or have already developed full-blown diabetic neuropathy, or have metabolic syndrome. As a result, expecting people with diabetes to start exercising on their own might not be safe or effective. This is where Cadence Physical Therapy Diabetes Management Program can help you control your diabetes.

With Cadence Physical Therapy Diabetes Management Program, we can help patients learn more about diabetes and its prevention. Our team of highly skilled therapists can provide you with a tailored exercise program that is a vital part of type 1 and type 2 diabetes treatments. We can help you target your individual needs and help you meet your goals more quickly and effectively. Call us now at (847) 378-4970 to schedule an initial evaluation of your condition.