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Medical Billing

What We Do

We know and understand the hassles and challenges when it comes to medical billing. Even the smallest medical billing and coding errors could be the reason for denials or rejections.

Cadence Medical Billing gives you access to a team of certified and experienced medical billing and coding specialists who are experts with handling claims and rejections, coding and resolving complex billing issues. We automatically check on patient insurance eligibility – NO OTHER BILLING COMPANY IN THE INDUSTRY OFFERS THIS SERVICE.

Because we are also a health care provider, we have been dealing with time-consuming billing process and revenue cycle management for years, so we know exactly how we can help you save on operational costs, process claims faster, reduce billing errors, and enhance your revenue while improving your patient satisfaction.


1. Automatically Check on Patient Insurance Eligibility – NO OTHER BILLING COMPANY IN THE INDUSTRY OFFERS THIS SERVICE

  • We will verify patient eligibility and benefits for upfront collections on deductibles and coinsurances.
  • Request authorization (when needed)
  • Post insurances’ and patients’ payments in EMR
  • We will attempt to ensure that 90% of Total Accounts Receivable are under 30 days
  • Data entry on all patient charges and refunds
  • We will send you reports on your ACTUAL vs. PROJECTED INCOME

2. We will calculate your monthly break even point, margin and markups to help you achieve maximum profitability.

3. Analyze your CPT reimbursements for each insurance company to provide guidance on how to increase your cash flow.

4. We will keep a daily updated End of Day task list of all services performed for you on that day in terms of billing.

5. Daily communication with your front desk about how much to collect from each patient based upon their insurance responsibility.

6. We will make sure all the ERAs come through electronically.

7. We will inform you of Patient Responsibility before the Patient STARTS THEIR INITIAL EVALUATION.

8. We will spend hours on the phone each month calling insurances to fight your insurance denials. Unfortunately, no matter how well you scrub claims, denials are inevitable.

9. Chat feature to communicate with your biller in a HIPAA compliant platform for any immediate concerns.

10. As a fellow PT owner “in the trenches” alongside you – we are available to have conversations on any advice we can help you forecast on how many visits you need to make for a month inorder to cover all the “monthly nut” and your profit goals for the risk that you took to start your business.

Monday – Friday: 8:30AM-7:00PM
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+1 847-378-4970
1300 Busch Pkwy, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
+1 847-378-4970
1300 Busch Pkwy, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

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