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Whether you are recovering from surgery, have sustained a sports injury, are losing function as you age, or simply want to recover mobility from an injury of the past, physical therapy can help. At Cadence PT, your therapist will construct a recovery plan personal to you and your condition. Using modern technologies and non-invasive techniques, we can help you reach your mobility goals and maintain the optimum function of your body throughout your life.

You may have worked with a physical therapist after surgery in the hospital, but recovery may not be as successful or it may take longer without follow-up appointments. Perhaps you sustained an injury at home and are unsure whether or not you will need surgery to correct the damage. In both scenarios, a physical therapist can assess your injury and offer solutions to help you regain strength and mobility in the affected areas. If surgery is recommended, we can help prepare your body for this event and assist with recovery afterward.

The most common problems we see patients are related to the back, shoulders, knees, and sciatic nerve pain. These issues and the services we offer related to each one are detailed below.

Neck and Back Pain Issues

Your spine plays a part in almost every movement you perform. Problems with the neck and back can cause issues in other parts of the body, such as pinched nerves or loss of muscle control. Whether you suffer from regular back spasms or need treatment for a bulging disc, our physical therapists can help treat the condition associated with your neck and back pain.

If you have been in a recent car accident, you may have upper back pain or neck issues from the whiplash. Patients that have undergone surgery may have pain in the upper, middle, or lower back, and sometimes in all three! Besides treating back injuries or patients post-surgery, we also specialize in chronic back issues such as Degenerate Disc Disease, Fibromyalgia, Scoliosis, Arthritis, and more.

When your back and neck are out of alignment or they have sustained a major injury, it can affect your entire body and daily life. Don’t wait to get back pain relief. Call a physical therapist today to get your back on track to long-term healing.

Shoulder Issues

Your shoulders are comprised of three major bones (humerus, clavicle, and scapula) plus a variety of tendons, muscles, and other connective tissue. All of these work together to give your arms a complete range of motion. Since a shoulder can move in many different directions, it has a high chance of sustaining an injury. From everyday wear and tear to sudden and acute injuries, shoulders are high risk for any individual.

Shoulder pain can originate in a variety of places. Sometimes a broken bone can be causing the pain, while other times it may be an inflamed or torn tendon. Perhaps you have suddenly lost range of motion in your shoulder, resulting in what is known as “frozen shoulder”. Sometimes this pain can radiate into other parts of the body and can even cause neck pain. No matter what is causing your pain, a physical therapist can help determine the root cause and appropriate treatment options for regaining the use of your shoulder.

Since you probably use your arms every day, losing the function of one or both of your shoulders can seriously impede your daily life. If you are an athlete or work in a field that requires a repetitive full range of motion, you can’t afford to lose the function of your shoulders. Pain in the shoulders doesn’t often go away on its own. The best course of action is to see a physical therapist as soon as you start experiencing continuous pain in one or both of your shoulders.

Knee Problems

Knee problems are largely associated with aging, athletics, and physically demanding careers. The fact is, many people experience knee pain at some point in their lives. While the “knee-jerk reaction” in these scenarios is to stop using the knee that is in pain, this can often do more harm than good.

Whether your knee has gradually gotten worse over the years, you have sustained an injury, or just come out of knee surgery, the best way to recover strength and mobility in your knee is to keep moving it. Your physical therapist can help you with specific techniques to safely increase your knee’s abilities until you are again able to participate in the activities you once enjoyed. You don’t have to suffer from knee pain any longer. Let our physical therapists help treat your knee problems today.

Sciatica Relief

Do you have a cramping or burning sensation running down the length of your leg, in which few positions offer any relief? If so, you may be suffering from sciatic nerve pain. The sciatic nerve begins in your lower back and continues all the way down your leg into your foot. You may experience the pain worse in certain positions, and sometimes the pain can be extremely excruciating.

Sciatica pain treatment aims to discover what exactly is pressuring the nerve and offer solutions for immediate and sustained relief. Sometimes a lifestyle change can offer relief, other times treating a herniated disc will also solve the sciatic nerve pain. Sciatica is a common ailment in today’s modern world, and we have helped treat many patients with this condition. The sooner you address your sciatic nerve pain, the sooner you can get back to living pain-free.

Why choose physical therapy?

Some people think pain and loss of mobility are inevitable as you age. We don’t think you have to accept this fate. With the help from a physical therapist, you can maintain your independence for as long as possible as you treat your pain and regain strength in your joints.

Accidents and injuries happen, whether in sports, at your job, or at home, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your story. Working with a physical therapist will give you the best chance of returning to your activities and hobbies with a properly healed body. Contact us today to see if physical therapy is right for you.

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