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4 Physical Therapy You Must Avoid

What The Large, National Physical Therapy Clinics Do Not Want You To Know…

DOUBLE BOOKING”Large, National Physical Therapy” companies can see as many as four patients at the same time…Download The E-BookUNATTENDED MAGIC MACHINESThe insurance company will pay for some machines that are unsupervised by the physical therapist…Study The E-BookSEEING A TECHNICIAN OR AIDE INSTEAD OF A PHYSICAL THERAPIST Technicians or aides oten have no education in the health field…Get to Know The TruthHOSPITAL SYSTEMS CHARGING 2-3 TIMES MORE FOR PHYSICAL THERAPY For physical therapy, HOPDs charged an average of 50 percent more than freestanding clinics…Avoid The Deception


DPT, PT (Owner of Cadence PT Co)
Low Back Pain & Sciatica Specialist

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Here are some valuable feedbacks from our patients

Caring is our passion. We believe that every senior in the Buffalo Grove area is entitled to live independently free from nursing homes or assisted living facilities by enriching their lives through physical independence. We are dedicated to combining passion and knowledge to heal. We strive hard to provide quality patient care and improve the health and well being of all seniors .
I did a lot of research before choosing a PT facility and I stumbled across Cadence Physical Therapy. I’ve had nothing, but a great experience there thusfar. My knee pain is down and I’m feel stronger with every visit. Dr. Nelli Ban is very friendly and effective. I highly recommend Cadence Physical Therapy!
Mallory Kratimenos
This Place is amazing! Nelli has really changed my life. I could barely walk when I started therapy after my back surgery. I have had two hip replacements and have been through therapy at ATI and Athletico. They did not compare at all. I send all of my family members and anyone else who need PT to Cadence Physical Therapy Co. Thanks so much to Nelli!
Cheryl W
I came to Cadence Physical Therapy with a terrible pain in low back, I can’t walk, sit and stand properly. Dr Nelli Ban was so professional and experienced. Every time she spent with me one hour to make me feel better. She is very friendly. So step by step I starting feeling better, her treatment was so effective. Now I can live in a normal life. I recommend people this company.
Ludmila Chudnovsky
Great experience! Friendly staff! Nelli continued to work with me to get my issue solved. Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs Cadence Physical Therapy Company.
Laurel J.
Do you have problem with your joint or muscle ? Visit wonderful center of CPT. Dr. Nellie is a very knowledgeable, friendly person, she listened to all my complains and recommended very helpful exercise. The office has all needed equipment for treatment. I am highly recommend Dr. Nellie to everyone.
Zoya Sipen
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