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Palatine Physical Therapy

Injuries, traumas, and everyday wear and tear can cause debilitating pain that keeps you from enjoying everyday activities. At Cadence PT, we believe that our patients deserve to get their lives back without expensive and invasive surgeries. We are especially passionate about serving our senior and Russian community in Palatine and surrounding areas.

Exceptional Care at Cadence PT

At Cadence PT, we have made intentional steps to stand out from other clinics by placing the needs of our patients first. While other companies make decisions based on finances, we make our decisions based on what is helpful, affordable, and safe for our patients.

Each of our staff members is a Doctor of PT. We do not hire assistants or other individuals without a degree in the field of PT. Because we never double book, you will receive concentrated one-on-one attention during the entirety of your 40-minute appointment.

We strongly believe that medication is not a sustainable option when there is a root cause that is treatable through PT. We believe in getting to that root cause rather than simply applying a Band-Aid, and restoring the body to health. Most of all, we listen to our patients without making any assumptions first.

Cadence PT specializes in knee, neck, shoulder, and back therapy. While focusing on these areas, we are able to give our Palatine patients specialized treatment with the best technology and the most recent developments and innovations.

Knee Therapy

The knees are important for many different everyday activities such as getting up of the floor, walking, and kneeling. An injury to the knee resulting in knee pain can be devastating for years without the correct therapy. Our aim is to get your knee mobile and pain-free with the least amount of visits possible to minimize your cost.

Neck Therapy

Many people suffer from neck pain for years without ever finding a solution that treats the cause and rids them of the pain. Instead, they fall into a pattern of pain medications and endless doctor appointments. Our goal is to use treatments such as laser therapy, manual therapy, take-home exercises, and more to correct the problem and end the pain.

Shoulder Therapy

A shoulder injury can have a massive impact on the body. Shoulder pain can even radiate down to the arm and hand, causing weakness, numbness, tingling, and pain. We diagnose and treat many different problems such as labral tears, repetitive stress, rotator cuff problems, surgery recovery, and more.

Back Therapy

Whether it is a dull ache, severe and debilitating pain, or pain that is radiating down to your legs and feet, our team is here to diagnose and provide back pain relief with an individualized care plan. This pain is usually separated into several different categories, although more than one area can be affected at the same time.

Upper Back

Symptoms of upper back pain can vary. Some may experience stabbing pains, burning pains, spasms, or even tingling and numbness. Regardless of your symptoms, we are here to diagnose your upper back problem and get you on the road to recovery.

Lower Back

Lower back pain is commonly experienced near the lumbar spine. Injuries can occur even from common movements such as lifting a heavy object with the back instead of the legs. Poor posture can even cause back pain which is why we promote posture education as part of the recovery process.

Sciatica Treatment

The sciatic nerve starts in the lower back and then branches off into the leg and down into the foot. Sufferers from sciatica may experience pain and tingling in the leg while doing any number of normal activities such as walking, sitting, or standing.

Many people incorrectly think that sciatica is a diagnosis on its own. However, sciatica is actually a symptom of any number of root causes. That is why we focus our attention on finding the cause and developing a sciatica pain treatment plan for both alleviating the pain and eliminating the problem that caused the pain in the first place.

Herniated and Bulging Discs

The spine is made up of vertebrae with discs in between. These discs are made of the annulus on the outside, and the nucleus pulposus (a soft jelly-like substance) on the inside. When the annulus degenerates, it can cause the nucleus pulposus to bulge outwards, or even to escape through a tear. This causes irritation to the surrounding nerves which can result in pain or numbness.

Physical therapy is almost always the best treatment for a herniated or bulging disc. Electrical stimulation, laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, and manual therapy can all work hand in hand to treat the herniated disc while avoiding surgery.

Back Muscle Spasms

Many people will experience back spasms at some point in their life, but when it becomes a chronic issue, it may be time for PT. Thankfully, treatments such as Dr. Ban’s Topical gel and electrical stimulation and exercises can ease the muscles, reduce inflammation, and encourage the body to heal itself naturally.

Compassionate and Specialized PT

At Cadence PT we offer same-day appointments for our Palatine customers so that you can begin your healing process right away. Our extended hours mean that you can find time to come even if you work during business hours.

We accept most insurance plans and have payment plan options for those without insurance. Each new customer receives a $25 gift certificate for their first visit to help get them started. We believe that finances should never be a reason for someone to not get the help that they need.

Our team at Cadence PT is proud to serve our Palatine customers. Whether you are suffering from pain in the back, shoulder, neck, or knee, our technologies mean that we can treat almost any condition. We have helped more than 1,000 patients regain their lives, and we are eager to help you start regaining yours. Contact us today to speak to one of our friendly staff members, and find out more about our services.

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+1 847-378-4970
1300 Busch Pkwy, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
+1 847-378-4970
1300 Busch Pkwy, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

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