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Sciatica and Lower Back Pain Workshop

3 Simple Steps to Quick and Natural Healing
Presented by Nelli Ban, with the Lower Back Pain and Sciatica Specialists
At Cadence Physical Therapy Co
  1. What is "Sciatica"?
    1. The sciatic nerve is the LARGEST nerve in the body. (It is actually split nerves).
    2. It travels from the LOWER BACK down the back of the LEG into the foot.
    3. Pain running down the back of the LEG, caused by a problem in the BACK.
    4. Sciatica sufferers may experience PAIN, numbness, or TINGLING in the leg.
  2. Who Is Nelli Ban?
    1. How I came to specialize in back and pelvic pain.
    2. Pain-Free Motion for Your Lower Back
    3. Top 10 Burning Questions for Sciatica Report.
  3. First step: Is the pain, numbness, or tingling RE - PRODUCIBLE?
    1. If so, then it is likely REDUCIBLE.
    2. Do you have pain withstanding? Walking? Sitting? Lifting? Changing positions? (Getting in and out of a car, getting dressed, or getting out of bed in the morning?)
  4. The #1 Single Biggest Mistake Sciatica and Lower Back Pain Sufferers Make:
    1. They IGNORE it.
    2. IGNORE it.
    3. ALTER it.
    4. HANDLE it.
  5. The 3 Common Causes of Lower Back Pain and Sciatica
    1. Herniated DISC. Pain with bending forward.
    2. Stenosis, DDD, Disc Degenerative Disease. Pain with standing or walking.
    3. SI Joint or PELVIC Problem. Pain with sitting.
  6. How do we treat it successfully? EUROPEAN style physiotherapy
    2. STRETCHING exercises to stabilize the pelvis.
    3. And occasionally TRACTION.
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