Stretch ‘N Go

As we age, our joints get less flexible. Daily activities such as standing up from a chair or getting in and out of bed can become increasingly difficult. It can get harder to raise your arms overhead or turn your head while backing up the car. Staying limber and flexible becomes more and more important. Flexibility helps us increase our range of motion so we can easily complete everyday tasks .This is where stretching exercises for seniors come into play; Stretching will help loosen your joints by activating the fluids within them, which helps reduce damage caused by friction, decrease the amount of energy you need to complete a movement, and most importantly, help prevent injury.

Stretching is an excellent activity for your health that is simple and effective. Stretches can help to improve the range of movement in your joints and increase your flexibility to do day-to-day tasks, improve balance and prevent falls, and even help relieve arthritis, back and knee pain.

With a stretching sequence guided by a licensed physical therapist or even a professional practitioner or, you will realize there are parts of your body that you may have overlooked. Cadence Physical Therapy ensures the stretches are right for you and that you are performing them correctly. Best of all, you are getting a professionally assisted stretch therapy even if you only have 15-30 minutes time available.

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