Buffalo Grove Testimonials

“Very friendly staff. Therapist’s are very knowledgeable and listen to issues and modify therapy accordingly. Like the new exercise app.”

Leslie F.

“If you are in need of a physical therapy place and you live in the North suburbs, then Cadence Physical Therapy is the place for you. Their therapist’s are very knowledgeable and you will receive very good, hands on treatment! They will do anything to get you back to your full health, that you enjoyed before your injury or surgery. They will have nothing but your best health as your final goal. If you are up in the air about where to go for physical therapy, then go visit their spacious gym, meet the team and you might even meet me at one of my sessions. If they can help me ( 8 spinal surgeries, 9 levels of my spine fused together, 3 knee replacements, no, I don’t have 3 legs, I unfortunately damaged one, and had to have it replaced)! You probably will have an easier time with the therapy than I do! See you there, I ‘ll be the guy that wobbles as he walks! I challenge you to come get healthy with me!”

Steven S.

“The physical therapists are very knowledgeable and cater your therapy based on your individual requirements and ability. As you continue with your therapy, additional exercises are added to keep your individual progress on the right path. The therapists listen to you and make sure you are comfortable and able to do the exercises and very willing to adjust accordingly based on your feedback. I would enthusiastically recommend Cadence for physical therapy.”

Marsha G.

“I have had several joints replaced in the past 20 years, so I consider myself something of an expert. Needless to say the therapy I experienced has more than met my expectations, I am very satisfied at Cadence. I highly recommend their services!”

Ralph G.

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Eric L.

“ I had really bad back pain on a Tuesday and Dr. Nelli Ban was able to squeeze me in the very next day. She provides an extremely friendly and caring atmosphere. She truly wants to see her patients get better, and I’m happy to say that she helped me feel better very quickly. She also gave me plenty of home exercises to make sure I stay healthy. I would happily recommend Cadence to anyone in need of physical therapy.”

Yefim O

“My doctor referred me to Cadence Physical Therapy for the treatment of chronic pain in my lower back and hip. Dr. Nelli quickly set up the appointments for the next few weeks accommodating all my time limitations. Dr. Nelli is a very professional, knowledgeable, and caring person. She is fully committed to helping me ease the pain and make my muscles stronger. She also provided me with sets of exercises to do at home. After several sessions, I already feel progress. I can walk longer distances without feeling pain in my hip. The office is very clean, light, and has modern equipment. I highly recommend this office to anyone who seeks physical therapy.”