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Wheeling Physical Therapy

We are a small business located in Buffalo Grove that serves the surrounding communities such as Wheeling. Our passion is elderly patients and the Russian community, and we believe that every senior that walks in our doors deserves the independence that comes with a pain-free body. 

Our Standard of Care at Cadence PT

The care that our patients receive at Cadence PT is unlike any other in the Wheeling area. While many other physical therapy companies place their business and their finances at the center, we believe in a patient-centered model. All of our policies and procedures are developed with our patients in mind. 

Many corporate PT businesses inflate prices by utilizing unattended machines for every patient that comes in the door, and they extend appointment times up to two hours. Much of this time is wasted, and double-booking means that the physical therapist isn’t with the patient for the entire appointment. 

At Cadence PT, we keep our appointment times to 40 minutes. We don’t double book, so this means that the physical therapist is with the patient for the full 40 minutes. We only employ machines that are specifically beneficial for the patient, and they are used only with supervision and assistance. 

We specialize in knee, shoulder, neck, and back conditions. This narrowed down approach means each member of our team is an expert in your specific type of pain. We never hire assistants or technicians so that every staff member is a qualified and experienced physical therapist. 

Therapy for the Knee

The knee can bear the brunt of many of the activities that we do on a daily basis. As a result, knee pain can be very limiting and debilitating. Surgery should always be the last option for any type of pain, and we have many different approaches that have a high rate of success. Patients with pain in their knees can expect a personalized plan that may include manual therapy, home exercises, ultrasound therapy, and more. 

Therapy for the Back

Back pain is a broad and complicated category. Pain can be located in upper and lower back muscles as well as the spine or the sciatic nerve. Diagnosing this type of pain requires the cooperation of the patient and therapist as well as specialized knowledge of this part of the body. 

Upper Back

Poor posture, injury, or repetitive motion may cause upper back pain. Physical therapists can work with you to improve posture, heal inflammation, and relieve pain so that you can regain mobility and comfort. Diagnosing the root cause is important, and will be the first step in any upper back treatment plan. 

Lower Back

Pain in the lower back can be the result of many different underlying causes. Disc problems, improper lifting, and more may cause muscle tightness, irritation, and pain. Every treatment plan for back pain relief is different but may include mobility exercises, electrical stimulation, Dr. Ban’s Topical Gel, and more. 

The Sciatic Nerve

The sciatic nerve is best known as the largest nerve in the body. Sciatica is typically distinguished by pain on only one side of the body that can radiate down the leg and even into the foot. Our Wheeling patients can experience pain, numbness, or tingling, and these sensations can occur in any position. 

It is important to remember that sciatica is not a diagnosis, but rather a symptom of a deeper cause. Our team will help to diagnose the cause of your sciatic pain and create a sciatica pain treatment plan that will treat the root problem. 

Disc Degeneration

Disc problems can occur anywhere in the spine. The spine is made from bones that are separated by discs. When the soft center of the disc bulges, it can press against nearby nerves. This is called a bulging disc. 

When the jelly-like center escapes through a tear in the disc, it is called a herniated disc. Some people with herniated or bulging discs may not have any symptoms, while others may experience a great deal of pain and immobility. However, the good news is that most cases of bulging and herniated discs can be successfully treated using our PT methods. 

Spasms in the Back

Back spasms can occur when the muscles in the back tighten in response to an event or injury. Even something as simple as a sneeze can trigger a response in the muscle which immediately tightens in order to protect itself. The result is a lack of motion and pain. 

PT will help to relax the muscles, reduce pain, and improve range of motion. This can be done using hot and cold treatments, electrical stimulation, and more. 

Therapy for the Neck

Neck pain can have a huge effect on your life, causing headaches, lack of mobility, pain in the arms, and more. We believe that you shouldn’t have to be limited by your pain, and our aim is to restore your neck to full health with as few appointments as possible. Every minute of your 40-minute appointment will be beneficial and productive time that will bring you closer to recovery. 

Therapy for the Shoulder

When working correctly, your shoulder is one of the most mobile and flexible parts of the body. Shoulder pain can limit your activities, making it difficult to perform simple tasks like getting dressed or picking up your grandchildren. PT will help you to regain your independence and do simple tasks without pain.  

Choosing Cadence PT

Many patients come to our office frustrated by lack of results and are tired of being in pain all of the time. Our compassion paired with our effective methods creates an environment where healing takes place. We strive to make our patients comfortable, to always listen to them, and to give them the attention they deserve. 

We always work with our patients’ budgets and have flexible payment plans to fit every situation. We accept most insurance plans, and we will even give you a $25 off coupon for your first appointment. 

At Cadence PT, we believe that you shouldn’t have to live in pain. We believe that senior patients deserve to live pain-free and independent lives without surgery. If you are in the Wheeling area, contact us today for more information. 

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+1 847-378-4970
1300 Busch Pkwy, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
+1 847-378-4970
1300 Busch Pkwy, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

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