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Same Day Appointments Available In Our Buffalo Grove office.

While many Illinois physical therapy offices will delay in seeing you, that isn’t the case with Cadence Physical Therapy Specialists. If you’re ready to make your first appointment, simply call us at (847)-262-9029. Often times, we have same-day appointments available so you don’t have to wait to be seen by a Buffalo Grove area pain specialist. If you’re in a situation where you’d like to be seen right away, it’s our job to facilitate that as well as we possibly can.

Extended Hours In Our Buffalo Grove Physical Therapy Office

We know you’re busy, which is why we offer extended hours for flexible scheduling in our Buffalo Grove physical therapy office. You shouldn’t have to wait for your pain to get better, and we understand the inconvenience in taking time off from work. That’s why we work hard to fit into your schedule instead of making you fit into ours.

Advanced Technologies In The Field Of Physical Therapy

From ultrasound to Laser therapy, we offer you the most advanced technologies available to diagnose and treat your pain conditions faster and more accurately. Our technologies and products allow us to better serve you and your needs efficiently so that you can get back to the active life you deserve, minus any discomfort or pain..

$25 Off Your First Visit To Our Buffalo Grove Physical Therapy office

Your pain is important to us, and we believe we can offer you exceptional treatment. That’s why we encourage you to take advantage of our $25 Initial Savings Certificate, even if you’re simply seeking a second opinion or just want to make sure your healthy. A healthy body without pain is essential, and we believe you should be taken care of with the best possible treatment options for whatever issues you may be facing.

Most Insurances Accepted

We work with your insurance provider to maximize your benefits. If you don’t have insurance, we offer flexible payment options. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. Your finances should never be the cause of not getting the treatment you need for your pain, which is why we work cooperatively with you and your insurance. It just means one less thing you have to worry about!

Flexible Payment Options 

If you don’t have insurance, don’t worry. We can still guarantee your satisfaction 100% by providing you with flexible payment options on a case-by-case basis. Flexible payment options represent one more way in which we partner with you to provide you with the best treatment for your pain. You shouldn’t suffer with pain simply because you don’t think you can afford the treatment. Let Cadence Physical Therapy Specialists ease the burden on your pain and your wallet.

Comfortable Environment In Our Cadence Physical Therapy office

We strive to make you feel comfortable and at ease. Our physical therapy office offers a welcoming and warm environment so you feel less like a number in line, and more like a special patient. You can count on being greeted with a warm smile, made to feel comfortable, and treated with the utmost care and professionalism.

Treatment for Virtually ANY Pain Condition

At Cadence Physical Therapy, we have a number of pain specialists in Buffalo Grove, Illinois (IL) ready to serve you. No matter what your pain condition may be, we can help you with it. Whether your back pain problems are congenital, stem from an injury, or come from years of activity, you can depend on us to relieve your pain. With over 1,000 patients served, we are confident in our ability to help you get better fast and relieve your foot or ankle pain.

Experience … 1,000+ Patients Relieved Of Their Pain In The Buffalo Grove Area

Our Buffalo Grove physical therapists have many years of experience backing them. Typically, the more experience a person has, the better they are at what they do. We’ve served over 1,000 patients and many of us have 10 years or more of experience in our physical therapy field. Helping you is our ultimate goal, which is why several of us have partnered together to create the best team possible for you.

Surgery Only As A Last Resort

We believe that most pain conditions can be treated without surgery. By using our advanced technologies and honed skills, we can provide you with the best and most effective physical therapy care, often without a need for surgery. We understand that surgery can be a scary prospect for some people, so we work hard to help you heal in the most natural ways possible.

Friendly Staff In Our Buffalo Grove office

The entire staff at Cadence Physical Therapy Specialists is extremely friendly. They always make you feel comfortable and welcome.


We are committed to delivering the highest standard of service, the best value, and optimum results.

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At Cadence Physical Therapy, Our Patients Come First!

We understand that physical pain and discomfort can be incredibly uncomfortable, distracting, and debilitating. Our skilled and experienced team is committed to helping our patients make progress in their recovery, regardless of their ability to pay. From lower back pain, shoulder conditions, elbow and wrist conditions, through to women’s health needs, balance disorders, and cardiac rehabilitation, our team of fully licensed physical therapists will provide the very best level of treatment.

Your health is our top priority. When you first visit us, we’ll undertake a comprehensive assessment of the root cause of your health issue or concern. If we’re able to help, we’ll provide a detailed treatment plan, setting milestone expectations along the way. If we feel that someone else can better serve your needs, we’ll refer you to the right practitioner. We want you to achieve the best results possible, whatever that takes.