Newsletter Video, February 2022

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IMPORTANT: February is Heart Health Month

Smoking, being overweight, having diabetes, having unhealthy blood cholesterol levels, or having a family history of heart disease, increases the likelihood you'll develop heart disease.

Make a plan with a friend to get heart healthy and track your progress.

Remind each other to keep a log of your blood pressure, healthy weight goals, and physical activity.

Blood Pressure Chart

The Normal, Elevated, & Hypertension Blood Pressure Numbers

Blood Pressure Category Systolic (upper number)   Diastolic (lower number)
Normal < 120 mmHg and < 80 mmHg
Elevated 120 - 129 mmHg and < 80
Stage 1 130 - 139 mmHg or 80 - 89 mmHg
Stage 2 ≥140 mmHg or ≥90 mmHg

Links to Great Resources

We ask that you do one thing this month - take your blood pressure and share it with your physician.

Infographic showing correct way to measure blood pressure

Click on the links below for free resources.


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