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Here’s What Are Patients Are Saying...

Nelli treated the cause of my back pain, and did not just provide meds like orthopedics to relieve pain …Awesome to have someone treat my lower back pain with manual and conservative methods and not just give me injections like the orthopedic doctor!

Jerry R.

This Place is amazing! Nelli has really changed my life. I could barely walk when I started therapy after my back surgery. I have had two hip replacements and have been through therapy at ATI and Athletico. They did not compare at all. I send all of my family members and anyone else who need PT to Cadence Physical Therapy Co. Thanks so much to Nelli!

Cheryl W.

My experience at Cadence Physical Therapy Company was great. The staff is knowledgeable and professional. The facility is very clean. I came in with tendinitis in my rotator cuffs. At the end, I left pain free.

Amanda B.

Great experience! Friendly staff! Nelli continued to work with me to get my issue solved. Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs Cadence Physical Therapy Company.

Laurel J.

After knee replacement surgery, I have experienced gains in strength and understanding of what is required to enable my new knee to function properly. Nelli has encouraged/pushed me to strengthen my knee and I see definite progress in my rehab.

Chicago M.

I went to Cadence Physical Therapy Co after getting surgery on both my feet for a tarsal bone coalition. I am so happy to have found these wonderful people, they gave me confidence in my recovery, and I am more positive about returning to my very physical job in another week. I am grateful for their cheerfulness, professionalism, and knowledge. Highly recommended, I’ve gone to a few PT offices and this one is the best!

Patricia M.

My experience at Cadence Physical Therapy Company was great. The staff is knowledgeable and professional. The facility is very clean. I came in with tendinitis in my rotator cuffs. At the end, I left pain free and with complete use of my shoulder.

Alicia W.

She is very good.. one of my leg was completely numb after my delivery.. and horrible pain.. almost didn't walk for 4 months.. and no doctor was able to find a reason. After going here, Dr.Neil recommended to start for the back treatment and strengthen leg muscles which worked for me. Always recommended.

Brunda B.


We are committed to delivering the highest standard of service, the best value, and optimum results.

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Top Ten Ways You Can Reduce Your Back Pain. Best Physical Therapy in  Buffalo Grove, IL.

Did you know that back pain affects 80% of Americans?

Dr. Nelli Ban's Book on Back Pain Free with your first visit:

Our Simple Guide to health and happy backs!

Your Simple Guide To Healthy And Happy Backs is a book for people who are unfamiliar with physical therapy. Dr. Ban, DPT wrote this book to give you the information you need to make better decisions when it comes to keeping your back happy and healthy.


Cadence Physical Therapy Offers A Money Back Guarantee

We focus on what is truly best for the you, the patient. Don’t settle for the standard healthcare and average outcomes. Get the personalized high quality treatment you deserve!

Here we offer a money back guarantee with our treatment packages (please note that this guarantee is available for cash patients only)! Yes, that is right! A money back guarantee! We believe that, if we cannot make a change in your pain or symptoms or if you do not feel our treatments are helping you after 2-4 treatment sessions, we will give you your money back and refer you to the appropriate specialist.

This is just one of the many factors that makes our experience the gold standard in treatment that no one else offers. Please note that this guarantee is only available for cash payments only!


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At Cadence Physical Therapy, Our Patients Come First!

We understand that physical pain and discomfort can be incredibly uncomfortable, distracting, and debilitating. Our skilled and experienced team is committed to helping our patients make progress in their recovery, regardless of their ability to pay. From lower back pain, shoulder conditions, elbow and wrist conditions, through to women’s health needs, balance disorders, and cardiac rehabilitation, our team of fully licensed physical therapists will provide the very best level of treatment.

Your health is our top priority. When you first visit us, we’ll undertake a comprehensive assessment of the root cause of your health issue or concern. If we’re able to help, we’ll provide a detailed treatment plan, setting milestone expectations along the way. If we feel that someone else can better serve your needs, we’ll refer you to the right practitioner. We want you to achieve the best results possible, whatever that takes.