Patient Forms

Thank you for choosing Cadence Physical Therapy.

At Cadence Physical Therapy Co, it is our goal to help you get the most out of your physical therapy visits. Your physical therapist will provide you with your plan for care during the evaluation appointment and will inform you of the required number of visits to help you meet your goals. A recently published study found that patients who attend all of their physical therapy visits are 93% more likely to recover from injury whereas those that miss even one visit have a lower potential for recovery. It is extremely important that you attend your scheduled appointments.

Our schedule is very full and certain time slots are not always available for patients who need them. If you need to cancel or change a scheduled appointment, for any reason, we require a day’s notice of the cancellation. When you call we will assist you in rescheduling this appointment because helping you recover is very important to our team.

If you are a new patient, please print and fill out the NEW PATIENT FORM. If you are a returning patient, please print and fill out the RETURN PATIENT FORM.